Javascript forms, adding and removing - need help


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So I have ran in to a wall with this one. I need to create a form to submit data to another javascript file. I'll try to explain to the best that I can.

Below is the javascript too open multiple tabs with one click.
function group1() {
var http1 = "http://link.php?pid=54166546546&super=1233254898743216";
var http2 = "http://link.php?pid=54166546546&super=1233254898743216";
var http3 = "http://link.php?pid=54166546546&super=1233254898743216";
var http4 = "http://link.php?pid=54166546546&super=1233254898743216";
var win1 =;
var win2 =;
var win3 =;
var win4 =;
Below is the html link on the page
<a href="javascript:group1()">Group 1</a>
What I need to do is make a form to submit a simple id=60585000& between where it says link.php? and pid=54166546546 as well as remove it at a later time. So two forms, one to submit and one to remove. It will also need to create an extra var http# and matching var win# = and be able to remove it as well. To ad to the confusion, I also need to ad the id= number to an html viewable list. This is only going to be used with two ID's, so only two html lists are needed.

This is where I am stuck. It's beyond my coding capability's at this time. Anyone that can help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Code has been created, offer closed.
I would also like to mention that I am willing to PAY an agreed upon fee to anyone that can create exactly what I am looking for.
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