Its time for Windows 10 1903!


Installing now!

First Attempt fail, we cant upgrade you now because SOME driver is not ready yet.:lol: You cant tell me which one! oh Gee thanks, so I read a month or so ago that leaving USB storage devices plugged in may cause a problem, left in because I'm looking to be spanked!:manches: Trying one more time with it unplugged. If no go, I will be done with the process for now!

Second attempt fail with the same error. What a surprise another Microsoft fail on release.
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1st attempt...


No errors so far and everything seems snappy again. Let's see how long this lasts :D
Cant believe anyone here can install, I have found out that its a stupid anticheat software called battleeye that is stopping the install because it causes crashes in games that use it, problem is I dont know which one of the games it is as I'm not having luck in it telling me. Stupid!
Make sure y'all run O&O Shut Up 10 it reverted some of the MS spying **** with the update. So make sure to tell MS to fug off again.
Talk about stupid, I dont give a s**t if a game crashes because of a new OS upgrade, Let them patch the **** on the fly. Let the dam upgrade install if that is all that is stopping it. Maybe they flipped the switch because I believe it may have passed the stupid point where it was quitting during install. I will just play another game!:lol: Maybe because the games that use it are dam Fortnite and PUBG!:nazi: :nazi: :nazi: :nazi: :nazi: Why do I have them installed I never play either.
And installed, no idea if they flipped the switch on their stupid reason for not allowing the upgrade or me verifying the files of PUBG and Fortnite downloaded the latest battleeye patch. No where did it say anything was downloaded.
I just checked my chipset drivers for my HTPC/desktop and noticed they reverted back to (I had installed before 1903 upgrade).

I'm thinking it's cause the driver had some weird 1968/1970 dates and is dated 2016. Oh well, not having any problems as far as I know so I'm leaving that alone....
Yeah running it now. Only thing I noticed is that windows now wakes from sleep for no reason.
Installed. Can’t tell the difference except some graphics on icons.

Yeah running it now. Only thing I noticed is that windows now wakes from sleep for no reason.

ryzen likes it

Windows 10 1903 Makes All AMD Ryzen CPUs Significantly Faster

but can cause crashing

newest chipset driver seem to have stopped the crashing

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[FONT="Noto Sans",sans-serif][FONT="Noto Sans",sans-serif]6/17/2019 release date [/FONT][/FONT]
Looks like they removed brightness sliders from the power plan options. Now instead of saving separate brightness for plugged and unplugged power states it just runs one brightness all the time. Boo.