It's been reported that GPU prices will FALL next month...

Dunno bout gpus yet but the 5950X got a nice price cut. I dont think I ever saw it at 780$ CAD.

With the beta bios for my x370 K7 in the wild that enables Vermeer support its somewhat tempting.
If it drops like the housing market in my city....then the drop isnt all that huge and then it just goes back up after a bit.
Meh. Zzzzzzzzzz.
Let me know when I can, at any time, walk into a Best Buy and get what I want for MSRP or less.

The White House is warning the chip industry to diversify its supply chain in case Russia retaliates against threatened U.S. export curbs by blocking access to key materials, people familiar with the matter said.

The potential for retaliation has garnered more attention in recent days after Techcet, a market research group, published a report on Feb. 1 highlighting the reliance of many semiconductor manufacturers on Russian and Ukrainian-sourced materials like neon, palladium and others.

According to Techcet estimates, over 90% of U.S. semiconductor-grade neon supplies come from Ukraine, while 35% of U.S. palladium is sourced from Russia.

Peter Harrell, who sits of the White House's National Security Council, and his staff have been in touch with members of the chip industry in recent days, learning about their exposure to Russian and Ukrainian chipmaking materials and urging them to find alternative sources, the people said.
Believe it when we see it. I mean a real price drop. A $100 drop on a 1k card is negligible at best. Technically it's a drop, but it's not a meaningful one. A drop down to MSRP or within $100 of MSRP is one worth talking about.
GPU prices if they drop won't be anything significant.
I did just notice however, that the Ryzen 5950x is $739 $ CAD.
Was specing out a new system for my brother and we settled on a similar setup to me, and somehow my motherboard has increased in price by $20 since October. Also noticed Z690 boards seem to be a bit pricier than I remember.
GPU prices have fallen a bit here in Australia. Lots in stock. I'm holding out a bit longer.