It's BBQ season


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I mean it's always BBQ season, but today was extra nice. The weather was finally really good, so I spent some quality time with my charcoal grill and some chunks of hickory. I smoked a whole turkey (well, an entire turkey broken down so I could remove pieces as they were done), some sausage, and a handful of potatoes. After smelling all that for the last four hours while depleting my stock of beer and rum, I don't think I've ever been hungrier in my life. Like "I can understand why people resort to cannibalism" kind of hungry. I even had a fat pastrami sandwich for lunch in the middle of everything and it just made things worse. Next step is for someone who isn't me to break the turkey down further and freeze it for future use. Except the neck - that's mine for soup.
I always do a smoked turkey for thanksgiving. Good eatin. But yeah, good point... about time for some grilling. I think we have a leg of lamb that needs to be put on a rotisserie. For July, get a couple of racks of ribs and slather them with bbq sauce.