It's a joke at this point....

Also is the automatic bed cover as flimsy as reported?

My automatic tonneau cover is installed but is software locked by Rivian in the open position. They are redesigning the cover as the current ones have a design flaw that causes them to bind up. When the new design is available they will replace at no cost. That is expected to occur the first half of this year.
Whats the acceleration like compared to the vette?

It feels roughly the same and is also comparable to what my Model 3 Performance was, although I felt more push back in the Rivian compared to the C8. On paper the C8 is a little faster.
With the update came some new range calculations/estimates. Conserve mode essentially makes the truck an FWD vehicle.

We took the Rivian to visit family for Easter.

Estimated range @100% charge was 347 miles. The distance traveled round trip was 184.9 miles. Based on the estimate this should have left us with 162.1 miles left when we got home. The actual range left was 144 miles, which is an 18.1 mile difference.

No bad. I feel the range estimate is much better than my Tesla was.​