it just crashes


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ok i jsu installed oblivion on my com and i try and walk through a doorway, or go outside and the game crashes, idk if its bad HW or all the hex codes i used, i used a few to unlock a door and up my stats, could using codes crash my game???

any help would be appreciated
Have a lot a mods installed? Sometimes mods won't play nice with another or they are improperly installed. Also Oblivion crashing is a common occasion. I tried Oblivion on 4 different pcs and they all crash randomly. The game is also fully updated I assume. The updates fix a couple of the crashes so they should be more rare. Can also try the unofficial patches to see if that helps.

This forum would have been the best place to post this issue -
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Its a know problem that using hex codes to open doors you don't have access to will corrupt the game.

Why wouldn't you just play the game instead of using cheats?