Is this a bad/wrong time to be upgrading from DVD to Blu-ray?


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My main home theater is still in the DVD ages and I was wondering if this is a bad time to replace my SD plasma for an HDTV and also get a Blu-ray player. Isn't all the 4K stuff around the corner or will it take time for everything to get settled-in? Is this a bad time to be investing in 1080p Blu-ray?
I'd forget about 4K. Right now is an excellent time to upgrade to an HDTV and Blu-ray. You can get a lot of bang for your buck.
I'd forget about 4K. Right now is an excellent time to upgrade to an HDTV and Blu-ray. You can get a lot of bang for your buck.


Will be one nice upgrade !

I'll admit though, those 4k panels sure are nice. Saw a demo of some random stuff (those cheesy demos they have running in loop) and it was beautiful. Not worth the premium though.
Good time as stores are slashing prices to get out the last of the HD Plasma's.

As for 4k... looks great, but it is pretty overpriced right now unless you buy something like Seiki. And given the lack of 4k content, I wouldn't put a Seiki in most HomeTheater's yet (they do a terrible job up-scaling HD content)
If I upgrade now, I'll be getting a new 1080p TV, Blu-ray player, pre/pro, and an amplifier. I'll be keeping my current speakers and subwoofer. Will 4K also introduce new audio codecs that might render current pre/pros "outdated?" I read a little on DTS-UHD but don't know anything about when or how it will be implemented.
No? Current gen formats for DTS & Dolby are already loss-less and support more channels than any sane person is going to use for HT. Not even sure where they could go next for Home Theater.
Yeah, there is no more 'up' in regards to audio. Current loss-less tracks are already overkill for consumers, and there is enough channels already that anymore is not practical when mixing and room corrections can simulate extra channels anyway.

The only thing I can think of with audio, is height channels. Though studios can't even get basic mixing right so I don't think they will get height channels anywhere past being a gimmick.

There is always binaural headphone mixes, though again the audio process in films is such crap that they would never be able to do it right.
Seems the next "big thing" in audio is object based audio.

4K is just yet another gimmick to buy things you already own.

Frankly 1080p is good enough so go ahead and upgrade. Blu-Ray's can be found stupid cheap.

Besides, streaming is the future.
4k is definitely not a gimmick; it's the natural progression of increasing resolutions. It's just unnecessary for most people since not many people have huge screens; but someday I'm pretty sure that screen sizes will be large enough on average for it to matter.

That all being said, there's no reason to spend the additional money on 4k stuff now... unless you plan on buying a 90+ inch television or projector there's no real point. Someday though, I would like to think that 90+ inch screens will be basic - and that's when 4k will shine.