Is there something wrong with this tv?

From the quick reviews I've found, the are a few negatives (depending on if you call them negatives):

* Viewing angles are poor. Great if sitting directly in front of the TV
* It's not any of the newer LED technologies (not QLED or OLED)

Basically, if you are going to sit in front of it directly and are going for screen size over quality, then it's a good TV. If you want quality instead, you can get a smaller TV that is either QLED or OLED for the same price.
Rtings reports on the NU7100U:

-Native 60hz panel
-No actual zone dimming
-300 cd/m2 peak HDR brightness
-24ms panel response time
-PWM backlight

For a 7100 series, Samsung really screwed up cause those are garbage specs. It's only redeeming quality is it's 5400:1 native contrast ratio, but without any real local dimming, it will never come close to modern FALD displays, and will be absolutely crushed by an OLED.
Can't really expect a large cheap TV to have all the bells and whistles the more expensive TV's do.. ;)
I finally got to see a TCL on demo tho its only a 400 series. It was pretty nice. I can only imagine how good the 600 series with local dimming is. Heres hoping they have a 75" ver of that next year...
getting a LED panel in this day and age is full of wrong. Go loom at Vizio XLED. Local dimming, reasonably priced. I got my M65-E0 last christmas and only paid $1000.

The 2018 M-Series uses last years P-Series panel. Local dimming zones, all the belles and whistles and the 75" is around 1700.

Screen Size (Diag.)
Panel Type
Smart Platform
VIZIO SmartCast™ with Chromecast built-in
High Dynamic Range
XHDR Plus – Dolby Vision / HDR10 Support
Wide Color Gamut
Ultra Color Spectrum
Ultra HD - 3840x2160
UHD Upscale Engine
Spatial Scaling Engine™
Display Processor
8–core Performance
Backlight Type
Black Level Performance
Xtreme Black Engine Plus
Local Dimming Zones
Clear Action™
Built-in Wi-Fi
802.11ac Dual Band
4.1 LE
HDMI Inputs
HDMI Ports
4 (1 side / 3 bottom)
HDMI Version
Port 1 supports v2.0a; Port 2-4 supports v1.4
HDCP Version
HDMI 1 Tech Spec
600MHz pixel clock rate:
2160p@60fps, 4:4:4, 8-bit | 2160p@60fps, 4:2:2, 12-bit | 2160p@60fps, 4:2:0, 12-bit
HDMI 2-4 Tech Specs
340MHz pixel clock rate:
2160@60fps 4:2:0, 8 bit
Additional Inputs
1 (side)
1 (bottom)
USB Ports
1 (side)
TV Tuner
No, if you use an external antenna to watch local over-the-air broadcast TV signals, a TV tuner is required and sold separately.
Analog Audio Out
1 (bottom)
Digital Audio Out (SPDIF)
1 (bottom)
Effective Refresh Rate
Active Pixel Tuning™
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Aspect Ratio
Viewable Angle (H/V)
Number of Colors
OSD Language
English, Spanish, French
the sony model seems to be across the board a bit better the vizio plus it can do 120hz @ 1080p which is nice for some games. $500 more than the vizio tho
$500 more? Looks like it's $1400 more to me? Also the Vizio is 120hz.

Yes the Visio is 2grand here from junk mart. The Sony price I listed is in cad, the Visio price u listed is in usd

Plus from what I’ve been reading, the Sony model is basically better across the board