Is there any way to force mouse smoothing in all games? Should I buy a better mouse?


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I know this is a weird question. But here's the thing:
I recently bought "Immortal Fenyx Rising" and ran into this issue I have from time to time in games: moving the camera around with the mouse feels and looks somewhat laggy, as if framerate is below 60 fps. I remember playing this one game that had the "mouse smoothing" option, and when enabled, it solved the issue. I know this option is usually frowned uppon specially when it's forced upon players, but I didn't find it THAT bad and got used to it eventually.
I know this is the case with IFR because when I get on a mount, suddendly camera movement becomes very smooth, as if they implement mouse smoothing only when you're on a mount.
Also, when moving the camera with the keyboard, it works smoothly, so it's not a performance problem.
Is this becasue I have a lousy mouse? (the chepeast logitech model, M90), or a setting I need to change? BTW, I need to play with vsync enabled because otherwise I get screen tearing.
Specs: RTX 2060. i5-9600k, 16GB RAM, SSD drive.

Mouse smoothing wasnt the issue, its the mouse acceleration that most had the big problem with. One thing you can try is lowering the dpi of the mouse. Some games cant handle high dpi settings.
Vsync is also unfortunately likely a problem here. It's really bad for input latency. If you go into your Nvidia control panel, and in the 3D graphics options choose 'fast' Vsync, then disable Vsync in game, does that help?
Thanks for your reply.
How do I do that?

Depends. It should be in the logitech software, or a button on the mouse. A lot of logitech mice have a dedicated button above the mouse wheel (near your palm) that controls the dpi. Or if none, or even both, the logitech software should have settings for it.

I do not have the links, but the logitech site should have both, but there are two different programs. An older one that doesnt get updates anymore but is used for legacy items, like older mice and keyboards, aswell as the newer one, which i think is called g hub. Im not sure which one you need for the mouse, but dont installed both at the same time. Some items really didnt like that. How old is your mouse? More than 3-4 years id try the older one first.