Is there an uninstrusive version of Windows 10?


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So I am still running on 7 on my desktop and laptop,
I got a Win 10 tablet for my mom, which is a pain but less so
as time goes by.

Having said this, I know 7's time is about to end, so is there a version of 10
that has Cortana and all the other crap off by default for enterprise or other clients?

I can only assume NSA and CIA and other dark sites would not fly the Win 10 plane,
so what do they do?
There is LTSC 2019. It's Windows 10 minus without apps, the store, cortana, etc, with 10 years of security updates. You can actually buy it without a MS license agreement, at the cost of about $300, on top of the cost of the Win 10 pro license, plus 4x open business user cals for another $30. I am running it now and it's what should have been the successor to Windows 7.

Technically the ISO itself is not illegal to acquire or possess without a license, they just make it difficult to find. It can be installed for trial purposes...
Use the O&O stuff.

There is a lot of hassle and cost to be legit otherwise.

Edit : I will add, to be careful with some settings. Some things disable the nice search/prefetch features, and don't really make sense to me why they would. Its one thing I really enjoy is just typing a few letters after clicking "start" and just getting what I need a second as opposed to digging for it.
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