Is someone preparing a [new] plugin ??


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So as to centralize information about the remote wonder, please post here if you are currently preparing a new plug-in or a new version of your plug-in....
Because some people asked me if a plugin for that or this application is going to be realesed, but actually I don't know :-)

Then maybe people will work together on some plugins...
For example, WinDVD 4 does not support the remote at all......

nothing new from me yet.

i'm toying with some ideas, but mostly waiting for a release candidate of winamp3 to see how i can best hook the plugin into it. who knows when that will be...

i don't want to put a ton of effort into coding it one way only to have the program change and not work that way anymore. I'm a slacker, i can't help it.

i don't have windvd, so you'll have to count me out on that one. What applications are people looking for? if i have it, i can take a look at it.
thanks NiDan !
You're right for WinAmp 3, don't spend too much time if we are not sure that the authors will not change everything in the official release !!

For WinDVD, you can try with the trial version of the program, which is basicallty the same. But maybe a real user of the programm will make a plugin (but if you have free time lol)...

For other application, why not a full suport for windows media player ? or Realone Player, MusicMatch Jukebox, Quicktime, ....

Tnaks again for your great work on winamp plugin !
I can probably do WinDVD 4 (I have the full version) if no one is doing it... I was thinking about it before, but I thought something like Glider can now take it (can't it? I havent tried Glider yet).
Yeah why not !!!
In fact, it's true that Girder can do a lot of things, but it's not like a your wonderful plug-in (powerdvd)....
If it's not too long, just make a WinDVD 4 plug in :-))))
I'm doing a little snooping... Anyone know what these do in WinDVD?

Maybe I don't understand the question, but.... it seems that WinDVD does not use these keys...
It's not in the Help File, and I tried, nothing happened :-)
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They're mystery keys... WinDVD has these keys assigned to a command, but I'm not sure what exactly... Oh well... :)
Last version of Remain Wonder should address WindDVD4.

I think that it will definitely be a plugin between the Girder one and a specific plugin.

I finish working on the configuration part and I should release the candidate for tomorrow late at night ;-)

Some compatibility enhancements have been made : there is no more problems with scrolling in ACDSee, and function keys are "understandable" by Girder.

Nice !

The goal of my plugin is not to control any app.

It is just to :

Complete "keyboard equivalent capabilities" of the Remote Wonder, because ATI seemed to forget some keys ;-)
Give all keys a Girder scancode, so that the Remote can be used to trigger Girder event with only keyboard plugin.
Full configuration of the keys => virtual ability to control any app.

Still some checkings + doc making and rc1 is out..

Remain Wonder 1.5 RC1 is out !!

Remain Wonder 1.5 RC1 is out !!

Phew !!! Did it !

Please check my post @ AVSForum on the subject.

Main URL is

JiBé : if you want to add the link it's OK : make the link to the HTML page not directly to the file, please.

And yes, my "scene" name is Phoenix, nor PSion nor philip.sion ;)

All : Please test and report so I can make the final version !!!!

Thanks 'Phoenix' !
I'm gonna try your new version ,and I've added this version to my website (no direct link, have a look ;-), and made the correction (Phoenix)....