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Is it possible to change the cursor sensitivity for the remote. I run a really high resolution and it takes forever to motor around the screen :-( Also, is it possible to have the volume control on the remote to lower the windows volume instead of just ATI's software? Sorry if these are dumb questions but i just got this remote wonder, and had trouble installing it, and I guess i might have been expecting more useability. Either way please reply with anything you happen to know on either subject. Thanks in advance.
The next version from ATI has Mouse speed and accelleration settings.

This version (1.4) has not yet released. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the update, Stephen; that's great news! So, the next release of the RW software is going to v1.4? Did I miss out on v1.3? Was that version ever released?

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Remote Wonder 1.3 contained about 2 bug fixes and went out with a specific OEM project about a month ago. It was never Web posted. That bug fix is (of course) included in version 1.4.

Don't worry - you didn't miss anything.

Ver 1.4 Remote Wonder :D