Is it normal for the Remote Wonder not to load it's plugins at startup?


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I noticed that the plugin or plugins I enabled for the remote wonder are not automatically loaded at windows startup, or when I manually close then restart the Remote Wonder GUI. I am wondering if this is normal (which would be stupid), or if my install is not working correctly.

This does not seem to be plugin-dependant.

Please tell me if this is as designed, or if you know a solution, fix or workaround (such as a registry hack, or command line to load plugins).

THX in advance for any suggestion.

Note: I have already checked my permissions to the registry (Admin), and reinstalled after deleting all ATI folders and registry keys.
I installed Remote Wonder 1.1 and 1.2 update...yet, the program doesn't even open for me. I'm confused! running 2.2 Catalyst and 6126 WDM...TIA
Chuki said:
Mine does the same thing... Anyone else?

I solved my problem by unplugging the USB remote cord and plugging it into another USB port. XP detected and installed the drivers right away, no problems now.


I don't know where the last reply is but that is another topic which does work when the remote is not recognized. Ussually because you left it plugged in during th install.

On topic I have the same problem What i do, which is not a fix, is click on the remote icon in the task manager to open it and close it. Then it works.

Now is there a real fix? I use XP pro and latest remote drivers. Not sure if anything else matters.

I have XP Pro and no remote was recognized. The reason is the NTFS system. I installed it on the FAT system, it´s working fine. Let´s hope for a workaround!



I use XP pro and NTFS and it recognizes the remote and all it's normal functions. Just not the pluggin's like for Winamp.
I'm also using it on an NTFS..

The Remote wonder works, but in order to initialize the plugins so you can I.E. launch winamp, and use it... You hafta make the gui visible then you can minimize and be on your merry way. Nothing major, but sometimes an inconvenience when you get all nestled down, and go to launch power dvd or something, and you forget to make the gui visible to load the plugs ins.
Chuki said:
I'm also using it on an NTFS..

... You hafta make the gui visible then you can minimize and be on your merry way. Nothing major...

NTFS should not be an issue, that's the hard drive and the OS usually doesn't tell software what file system the drive uses. NTFS and w2k work great for me.

the other part doesn't sound right...
you shouldn't have to launch the remote gui in order for the plugins to run.
all plugins should be loaded upon boot... at least that's the way it is with my system... boot up, software loads as a background service and all plugins are set to go at that point.

under "Administrative Tools" check your "Services"... make sure something like "ati remote service" is set to automatically start upon boot.
That might be it then, cuz I set ATI Remote Wonder not to start up on boot, even I check the little box within the Remote Wonder App itself it still started with windows, so I used msconfig and disabled it from starting, and all I do is when I want to use it is just click on it, and the software opens, and then I click on the remote in the tray, open the gui closed it, and away I go.
Mine experiences the same problem as above (defined function buttons A-D don't work until I maximize, then minimize the remote configuration window).

I'm also using WinXP, the latest Catalyst 2.2 drivers, and the latest 1.2 Remote Wonder software.
Script anyone??

Script anyone??

Hey do you think a script could be written that at start up it could open the remote and close it again (back to the tray)????
Just a stupid question :
the remote receiver was plugged into the USB port when you installed the drivers ?

If so, I understand why the GUI and plugins don't load at startup.