Is adblock still a thing? Or is there a better solution?


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I haven't used adblock in years, but lately so many sites seem to be totally infested with aids. Most news sites, even weather dot com, are slow af from all the ads. I tried to download adblock, but most sites just refuse to work with it. Is there a better solution?
I run a bunch of them.

Vivaldi has a built in adblocker.

But I still use uBlock Origin, Disconnect, Decentraleyes, Startpage Privacy Protection, and Twitter Disconnect.

And I'm not really sure if it counds as an adblocker, but also: Redirect AMP to HTML
almost every modern browser comes with an adblocker, there's really absolutely no need to use an external one. As for pages that won't work with an adblock, well, the can go to hell, same goes for paywalled stuff.
I'm using PfBlockerNG and uBlock origin. I also clean the websites I visit from useless parts with uBlock like footers/sidebars etc.
I would suggest that instead/on top of ad blocking, you make use of anti-tracking schemes.

Features like Do Not Track, and isolation of third party cookies.
I use adblocking, tracking blocking, and mining blocking. Kind of upset that Rage uses miners

Firefox in strict mode should block most known mining scripts already. Unsure if you're seeing a false positive or not.
Firefox in strict mode should block most known mining scripts already. Unsure if you're seeing a false positive or not.
It blocks it in Standard mode as well, but Firefox crypto blocking is done via Disconnect which blocks "known domains" that use these scripts. If the rage3d domain isn't on this list, Firefox can't block it which is where this extension does it's job because its blocking the script itself.
It's likely coming through an Ad? I'll see what I can find out.
I'm uBlock Origin as well so I'm not 100% sure.

minerBlock reports blocking Mineralt (inline)
uBlock is reporting block 3 things.
UBlock origin is still the the defacto gold standard of ad blockers. Adblockers built into browsers aren't very effective at blocking user tracking/telemetry/etc.

For added privacy, I also use pi-hole which provides DNS blacklisting of tracker/telemetry/ad-serving domains, for the whole network.
I have an always on mac that I use as a remote desktop for imessage. I installed pi-hole on it, and so fars its pretty damn awesome!
Hey, can you elaborate a little bit on this? You're running your own "dns server" on a raspberry pi that runs pi-hole?

My DNS server is actually handled by NextDNS.. The PiHole is to block any incoming ads that get by NextDNS...

Right now, the PiHole is taking care of 8.2% of my traffic and NextDNS is taking care of 9.58%. The majority of the traffic that the PiHole is taking care of is Amazon Alexa stuff. That's about 2,200 hits a day...