iPhone Xs Max not-so-waterproof after all


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I left my iPhone in my pocket when I was on the lazy river in the Bahamas. Didn't think it was soaked too long, but shortly after I got out it had the "green line of death" on the right side. Soon followed by another. Then a pink line. Then the touch sensitivity died so I could no longer unlock it. It's a brick now. Can't even use it as a trade-in :(

I ordered the iPhone 11 Pro Max directly from Verizon, because local stores are all out due to shortages from China due to the freakin' Corona virus. :rolleyes:
iPhone's aren't waterproof it's water-resistant and every time you dip it in water the glue degrades. I think the water-resistant is for accidental submersion only.
I guess sometimes its luck of the draw how well sealed your iphone is. There are tons of videos of people submerging for hours on end with no issues. On the opposite end you got peoples whos phones die when they hit the water :lol: Best case is just to keep it out of the water.

Next iPhone release price is going to skyrocket cause of corona :lol:


It's kind of odd that we've had to wait this long for Apple to add a sensor like this onto the iPhone, because there's already one on the front of the phone as part of the Face ID system.

The source does warn that while this has been a feature Apple has been considering adding to an iPhone for some time, and that this version has been in progress for two years, it may not make the cut once again. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Many rival phones already use ToF sensors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the more recent Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra both have one, as do the Huawei P30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro, so it's about time that Apple caught up.

Of course coronavirus might frustrate Apple's plans, and some reports claim the virus already has delayed the iPhone 12 and iPhone 9. Hopefully this will only translate to a delay in shipping the devices, and not to them losing key features such as this one.

Not only are Apple late to the game (what's new), but it may not make it this round even.
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