Interesting conundrum: HTML5 vs Flash


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Hey guys, just purchased a netbook that will mainly be used as a portable
web TV and I have an interesting situation:
1080P30 is nice an fluid just about on every site, youtube, WebTv channels, etc.

However, I tried 1080P60 on Youtube with little success.
So I found a FireFox extension that forces Youtube to use Flash
and low and behold, 1080P60 on Youtube is great and CPU % is about 60%
on the lappy, so I have lots of breathing room.
Also, Flash seems crisper than HTML5 for some reason.
So, is there a way for all videos to use Flash instead?

Seems many sites use FLV which flash should hook to, but it does not...
(Resource Monitor shows FF using all CPU% and no Flash running).

Can I force all media to use flash which seems MUCH more efficient than HTML5, at least, for now?
Few observations:

System power setting were balanced with Intel HD Graphics and Video.
I put both at Maximum Performance when plugged in.

Also, you have to disable Windows Defender real time as, for some reason,
HTML5 videos are NOT seen as video and the video is actually real-time scanned :nuts:

Disabled Windows Update as it sucks resources like crazy!

After all this, 1080P60 in HTML 5 is good but does jitter slightly.
Flash still excellent.

I also disabled memory compression as I have only 2 cores.
But my paging file is on a 530MB/sec SSD...

Also, seems I caught my first virus :nuts:
I put the vids in full screen and 1080P60 is good but not great...

I also removed the Microsoft.Photo.exe package (had to command line it)
and that helped also. But it seems the Intel HD Graphics does not accelerate
video render at all...

But that is OK, it is now doing what I need it to, however, I am not impressed at all by Windows 10...

Also did a power profile where CPU stays at 100%. Now 1080P60 is beaudaful :D
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Welp, now I feel stupid, had the 32 bit version of FF all this time for some reason :(

Did help quite bit, but the Flash version of youtube is just better all around.

It took a lot of work but i actually have 5% CPU on idle :lol:
Dude, I had just finished updating the system, it was completely fresh, but still the update task just hogs resources...

Also, it was not a virus, but a feature...