Intel UHD 620 4K60


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Had a weird experience this week, after losing power etc. from all the storms and running off my work laptop (lenovo thinkpad x1 w/i7-8650u) I'm back in my home office with my external display, LG 32UD59. Previously I had 4K60 support but now I can only select 4K30.

Maybe I was imagining having 60Hz support before. Just really noticeable not to have a 60Hz refresh rate. HDMI connection, maybe I need to order a new cable. I tried a few different ones that I know support 4K60 but no dice.

I ran the Intel s/w update tool and it said I have the latest DCH driver. Installing the beta graphics driver from feb didn't work as it claimed I had same version already installed.

Anyone got 4K60 working on a UHD 620 intel GPU?