Intel 14th-Gen "Meteor Lake" CPU Thread


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This is the official thread for all news and discussion of Meteor Lake, Intel’s upcoming 14th-generation Core CPU family!
Intel Meteor Lake Introducing "Standalone Media" Unit

Intel Meteor Lake Introducing "Standalone Media" Unit

The integrated GPU in Intel’s 14th-generation Core processors will have less to do.

With Intel's Meteor Lake moving to a tiled/chiplet approach, we have already seen some interesting changes on the Linux driver side and confirmation of the introduction of a "Versatile Processing Unit" coming with Meteor Lake (MTL) for inference acceleration. Another interesting confirmation from new Linux driver patches is their media encode/decode moving to a "standalone media" Graphics Technology (GT) block.

Intel's media block has been part of their integrated graphics technology but with Meteor Lake will now be "standalone". Intel has already been working on early Linux graphics enablement for Meteor Lake, which according to the patches thus far show these integrated graphics to boast similar capabilities to DG2/Alchemist Arc Graphics. One of the other differences to come with MTL is more of a separate of its media engine.

Source: Phoronix
Leaked Slides Offer Details on Intel’s "Meteor Lake" and "Arrow Lake" CPUs

Leaked Slides Offer Details on Intel’s "Meteor Lake" and "Arrow Lake" CPUs

Intel giveth, taketh away, and giveth back.

Now that Raptor Lake is officially in gamers’ hands worldwide, we begin to turn our focus to the next generation of Intel silicon. New slides have appeared that offer some insight into Intel’s plans. Surprisingly, its upcoming Meteor Lake seems to be a scaled-back version of Raptor Lake. However, its 15th-generation Arrow Lake architecture marks a return to higher core counts. These CPUs are slated for 2023 and beyond, so as always things can change. They’re also tile-based architectures, so they are radically different from the company’s current “hybrid” designs. They’re also dependent upon TSMC to deliver some of the tiles, so it’ll be a team effort.

The slides are labeled with both Intel and Hot Chips badges, indicating they were presented at the recent silicon symposium. They were unearthed by Wccftech, and look like the types of slides that would be shown off at a conference. We already knew some of this information, including Meteor Lake’s tile assignments. It’ll be built on a new 7nm process dubbed Intel 4. It’s supposed to be in testing now, with high-volume production starting in early 2021. It was originally supposed to come after Alder Lake, but it was delayed by roughly a year. This caused Intel to come up with a workaround, which it named Raptor Lake. Pat Gelsinger has already said on the record that Intel 4 testing is going well.

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