Intel 13th Gen CPU thread

That's a big cache increase. Looks good :drool: I was hoping for 12 P-Cores, but that's alright. The Gracemont cores are faster than cores in previous generations, so I don't get the hate.

I think Intel is trying to keep the P-Cores down until they get more efficiency and reduce power consumption. That, or they are keeping high P-Core counts for the X series processors.

Regardless, don't really need more than 8 cores for games.
Show me on the dolly where the E-cores hurt you.

Nice cache bump, both AMD and Intel are definitely going in the right direction for gamers.

Yes, more than 8 p-cores aren't really needed for gaming but I'd much rather have a couple of extra p-cores, say 10 or 12 total, than 16 e-cores tacked on the side.. but less cores than the competition isn't good for marketing I suppose..
Rumors have been going around about a 100 watt power reduction combined with a 12% IPC boost and a 300mhz core clock increase. 8 more E cores are planned to be added as well.

The 12900KS is about 10FPS faster in games when compared to the 5950X but AMD is looking at a 20% IPC boost with a 500Mhz clock increase so I think the 13900K and 7950X will both be pretty close to one another when it comes to gaming. They are both going heavy on L2 and L3 cache.

It's possible a console could come out during the lifetime of these platforms that has more than 8 cores and if that happens I think AMD's extra big cores would probably give them an advantage. That sort of thing probably doesn't matter to some of us that upgrade every year but I'm the type that picks a platform for the long term and rides it for 4 or 5 years.

I'm not really sure about multi-threading. AMD is going to have the same threads and faster core clocks than Intel's E cores but Intel will have more cores with the same thread count. They will probably be pretty close but I'm having a hard time making an educated guess on the outcome. We should get more concrete info from all of the major tech giants over next weeks tech expo.
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Yeah I'm not counting Intel out. It might be worth waiting a little longer if they offer similar gaming performance and notably better multithreading.

One thing that makes me think they might suprise us is that the 12900KS is trading blows in multithreading with the 5950X. That means it's smaller E cores are actually competing with AMD's big cores. AMD's extra speed and IPC will help them but I don't know if it will be enough to combat another 8 E cores.

For me, power consumption is not a big deal but heat is. I would really like to see a triple 140mm AIO keep these chips in the upper 70C range under full load. I'm tired of seeing 80C temps as the norm on these chips. The 12900KS hit 100C under full load and I won't be having any of that. If Daz studio kicks my video card out during an image series render for some reason, it could force my CPU to run at full force for 15 hours before I get home to stop it.
Wattage isn't the issue with cooling the chips. Even "high" wattage on a CPU of 250w+ is well below what a 360mm rad can handle. It's the thermal density and limitations of the small die + IHS heat transfer.

I think we would see more success in cooling chips if we focused on a new way of lidding our chips, or went back to no IHS at all, as I've mentioned previously.

I'm curious if the added cache of Raptor Lake will alter the layering of the chip - Alderlake skimmed quite a bit of fat in order to assist in thermal transfer, but I'm curious if they can maintain that while added significantly more cache.

I expect Raptor Lake to be an OC monster if they truly pulled power consumption down so much.
I've had good luck with Intel and VR. I'll more than likely stay Intel this next upgrade. But they have to make it worth the expense....
6GHz! And more cache. Intel are throwing everything they have at it because they know AMD is bringing a monster to market.

I'll probably go intel again anyway next gen, I prefer the platform for various reasons.
After the last round of rumors and what I've heard from a friend or two..

My hopes are not high.