In-Ceiling Speakers for a 7.1 Setup?

House came built with some round ones like the Polk ones but I have no idea what brand. For the longest time they were part of a 5.1 but after the receiver started dying and recently replaced with an Atmos capable one we repurposed a pair of bookshelf speakers for the fronts and redirected the ceiling fronts to Height speakers and left the rear ceiling as surrounds.

I don't have an Atmos capable streamer or any BD with Atmos or can figure a way to play the Dolby Atmos demo I downloaded on the HT system so no comment on Atmos. What I can say is the bookshelves beat the pants off of the ceiling speakers. Maybe we have cheap ceiling speakers but stuff is more in your face at ground level as opposed from above. The sound stage is wider with ground level fronts where the ceiling stuff really is only good for just the couch.

Not to derail but my receiver pictures my height speakers as those things sitting on top of the fronts. The only ceiling option it has assumes they are right on top of the couch. Does this mean my height speakers are out of phase or something cause there's no bouncing involved?

Edit: Okay after re-reading the OP it sounds like he's keeping whatever up front and completely moving the surrounds to the ceiling which I really have no opinion on since I've never played with a 7.1 system. Since surrounds don't usually do much I guess less tripping over wires is a big plus!
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