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Hidden in plain sight
Do we REALLY want to have all our vehicular functionality integrated into a single computer where a BSOD or system failure will just...kill everything?

Mind you this isnt a problem specific to Tesla, they just happened to be the one company that pretty much put every function into the tablet screen....

And apparently they didnt think they needed properly accessible mechanical failsafes either.....
What do you mean?

Meaning once again we are zeroing on Tesla despite them not being the only manufactures that have migrated to electronic doors versus pull handles on the interior. This was acknowledged, but people still to make sure and point out Tesla first and foremost. This will happen to any vehicle with electronic locks like this if the battery dies or otherwise has some kind of fault. Hell, people have died from this in other vehicles (Corvette for example ).

​Also, this has nothing to do with moving operations to a single dash mounted display, so I don't know why that is even part of the conversation (other than to knock Tesla again). There is plenty of other stuff you could criticize the brand (as well as Elon Musk) for that would totally deserved.
Reminds me of the Silicon Valley episode where Jared gets trapped in a self-driving autonomous car, can't get out, and get shipped to China or something.
the more complicated our cars get the more room for errors/failures like that arises.

That being said, we have Teslas as our company cars and i'm not too excited about their quality. But they already replaced our other cars, so there's that. We have to live with it more or less, the same goes for the rest of our society, sooner or later we won't have the possibility to choose.
I think i was thinking backwards when i posted this:
-Why does the Tesla NOT have any rear mechanical failsafes, and/or not in a easily accesible location? (They might have addressed this in more recent cars?)
-Which led to....why the hell does something as simple as a door handle have to be made so complicated?
-Which led we really want all our stuff centralized one area where if things go boom, you are ****cked? I guess you can just "reboot"/restart the car to...fix it?