I'm lame and I'm learning how to 'program' Adobe Flash

Pr3tty F1y

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OK, by trade, I'm not a computer programmer. Last time I had programming was QBasic I was 14 (lolz ;)) and C a year later and it wasn't the greatest class in C, just very basic, highschool level stuff.

Anyway, I want to learn how to 'program' flash as I have a use for it in creating an interactive tool to basically survey people for data. I'm in a PhD program and it would be nice to frame this survey of sorts as a game to get people (especially younger adults) more involved in taking it.

So I'm using a Lynda.com video and it's pretty good, but does anyone else have any other recommendations. My field isn't in computers at all (although I'm a nerd), so I'm basically going to try to learn this in any free time I have. I basically want to be able to impress the **** out of the faculty so 1.) I can create something kickass as I believe this project could be really cool and 2.) so I can make it totally customizable.

I know flash isn't ideal and I really wouldn't consider it "programming" but Action Script seems to be doable. I've just never done anything in flash before and I figured I'd ask here first for some input on where I should start. Being that I have dual monitors on my PC, any video based training would be better than a book, but if you know of a really good book, I'm up for it. Any help would be appreciated.