I'm at my wits end!


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I posted this on the Lightspeed site but figured I post it here as well as I'm desperate for an answer.
This seems like a never ending saga but I'll give you the complete run down and sorry in advance for the length of this posting.
It all started when I installed my new AIW 128 32MB PCI card on Christmas day. I have a Compaq Presario with the LX440 MB and a 333 PII processor. I was previously using a Monster 3DFX (original)pass through acelerator ard and the "on the motherboard" ATI Rage Pro chip. When I installed the card I removed the Monster card (Not sure if I totally uninstalled this correctly and I'll explain that in a minute) and disabled the unboard video via Compaq's Instructions (change to VGA adapter - shut down - add new card) and installed the AIW card. I used the 6220 drivers from the ATI site versus the drivers on the install CD.
Now here's the problem. After rebooting D3D games will not run until I first run DirectX Diagnostics and it takes the diagnostics 3-5 minutes to open. Under the Direct Media tab I noticed there were still mm3dfx.drv, mm3dfx16.dll and mm3dfx32.dll listed. The AIW card was properly listed as the primary card but the 3dfx listing still I believed was a clue to my problem. I went into the registry and found a Diamond section under the HK_LOCAL software key and I deleted it. I also renamed the mm3dfx.drv. In device manager I had also noticed an unknown device listed so I removed it and then rebooted. After the reboot I checked the device manager and saw that the unknown device stayed gone so I ran DirectX Diagnostics to see how I stood. This time it said Windows was building a driver information database first and still it took 3-5 minutes to open. Lo and behold the unknown device was re-added by the Diagnostics program. Grrr.
ATI can't help me and I logged a support item with Microsoft and of course they're no help either.
I suppose I could live with the work around and run DiarectX Diagnostics every time I reboot but it's real annoying as you might figure. I sure hope one of you can offer a suggestion to fix the problem. Of course there's always reformat and start over but I have too much stuff to lose in that process. I'm saving that as a last resort.
I'm real sorry about the length of this message but figured a complete background would be necessary.
The unknown device is probably your Rage Pro then. You didn't say you disabled your onboard video card in your post. You have to either go into the bios and disable it, or set a jumpber on the motherboard itself. Since the Voodoo was taken out already, it isn't possible for Windows to detect it again (at least I think). So try disabling your onboard video.