ignore list glitch

I feel like someone could have told him that moderators cannot be on ignore without all the extra bullshit. He has a fair point. You have someone on ignore for a while, they suddenly become a mod somehow, and now their posts start showing up. I'd be irritated too. That's not a lack of maturity.

Seemed like he already understood that since he mentions in the OP about Exposed being a moderator now.

But I see your point, maybe he didn't realize it applies to all forum sections.
Sorry I'm a bit confused, I'm still not sure what "drivel" you're referring to. I checked my post history and it seems we partook into some debates regarding Nvidia/AMD. I'm pretty much done with the heavily pro AMD/pro Nvidia debates these days and have been for a while, even before becoming a mod. There's others who fill those roles nicely nowadays.
Doesn't matter what drivel, no matter who is made a moderator there will always be someone complaining about it
I have had him on ignore for quite a few years, I am just not happy that has stopped.

BUT, he is moderating a forum I guess no one wants to touch with a 40ft barge pole.

So he is making a effort for the forums and I respect that ...I guess I can live with his crap cause I certainly could not deal that P&R stuff
Can someone help me on how to put people on ignore list. I have never done it thus far but would love to put bill on it stat.
Still not working.