If you really want to annoy your neighbours....


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The all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning doesn’t burn a drop of fuel, and it even offers multiple receptacles (both in the bed and the frunk) for plugging in lots of power tools and laptops at the worksite, coffee makers and toasters at a remote campsite, an entire house and another electric vehicle, and even a kitchen stove with a three-prong 240-volt plug.

You know what the F-150 Lightning can also power? Rock ‘n’ roll.


Boomer rockers unite!
"This is the gig where we are finally going to hit it big" - some band that has been playing in their garage since 1986 and honestly isn't that good.

That’s a perfect description of one of my son-in-laws band. They put flyers out about 3 years ago for a “come back” tour. Everyone asked “come back from what?”

They were horrible :lol: