iam about to give up


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Hey folks .. well iam not tring to bash or complain to much
those who have read my post,the few there are,know i have tried and tried to be patient and get things working right.Iam now at my wit ends with this cards.All my games function fine.The problem is with the over all graphic quality like many others here i still play old games and they look like *ss now but newer onese seem ok.It seems to get worse with every beta driver.Half life is horrible the ground texture... no fix i have done it all every suggestion ...It happens on everything, benchmarking gamming .i cant fix itn no matter what drivers or tweakers I have tried a complete clean install of the orginal drivers "which should" work .I dont know how this problem even started.I think it happened when i tried the 7078 drivers, maybe its always been there and i never noticed/I notice it in everything now ...its like a motion blur or thin film line on every texture in the distance and its horrible and annoying, in every game most know what i mean,except ea sports NHL2001 which shocked me.Iam thinking of just reformating so i have a fresh windows dir and reg to work with but i dout that will do any good.So my only choice for another gamming card would be nvida which i really would rather not do.Also with ATI produceing warnings what would happen if they went out of buisness then its basically like we all have bad cards like 3DFX ... iam not saying that will happen its just crossed my mind.So iam confused as i have tried everything,iam not puter stuipd so i know what iam doing .. its my job to know puters inside and out but what iam i to do ..i do sometimes feel like iam the only one experincing this its odd and its driving me nuts.
So here is what i have do since iam open to suggestions

Complete clean install .. with all drivers
tried all the tweakers
turned off anistropic texturing
turned on FSAA .. which is always broken :D
turned off W-BUFFER

for counter strike turned off anistropic texturing
gl_texuremode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" gl_ztrick "0" gl_dither "0" and soo on .. none of this works.

I hope to see some of this fixed.I think part of the problem is that most of these games were designed around direct x 7 iam wondering id running directx 8a is a problem .. i dout it thought... oh well what to do

i have WinME the 7089 drivers with directx8a
games are Half Life counter strike ,mod not retail

thank for the help and suggestions in advance

Hmmm, this is the first time reading your post, and though you stated its the "overall" video quality, you never did state exactly what the problem was, but I have a guess...

I have an All In Wonder Radeon, and like you, I noticed with all the new games it looks just awesome, but a couple old games, could look better. Two particular games which come to mind (that I still play) are Quake1 and 2.

It seems while ATI's OpenGL is fast as can be with the radeon, the quality is a little lacking (Compared to my other 3d accellerator). D3D games are just awesome though.

Not a great solution, but it works for me:

I have a pair of Diamond Monster 3dII's in my system (voodoo2 cards). Now I know 3dfx is out of business, but you could probably pick up a voodoo2 for $20 now.

When I installed all my games, I tried both card and whatever looked/played the best, that is what I stick with. And the overall result is New games (D3D especially) get to use the Radeon card. Old games (glide, and OpenGL) get to use the Voodoo2 cards. Its a great combination, and works fine for me. The only drawback is obviously you can't use FSAA on the V2 (but then I don't even use it on the Radeon).

I know this is silly, and maybe someone else has a more practical solution for you, as I am still not quite sure exactly what your specific issue is, but I hope I was able to offer some helpful advice.

Good luck, and don't give up on the Radeon. Overall, it is a fine card.

You may try the newly released 7075 drivers (not beta). They helped me with a couple of OpenGL issues, but not all. Perhaps it will be enough of a fix for whatever you need til ATI gets it right......

I'm not quite sure what your problem is, but I have a wierd quality bugging as well in some games (Deus Ex, Oni), more precisely lines that look like it's raining. It's quite annoying and makes Deus Ex unplayable, because the water and sky looks like crap. I think it has something to do with blending and if I remember correctly the bugging started when i installed the 7072 betas.

I haven't tried this (still downloading the drivers), but try completely removing the betas you have, including all reg settings, inf files and such (alternately remove your windows and re-install) and then just install the 7075 supported ones.