i7 2600 vs i3 6100 + Radeon R9 Fury Strix

Sorry badsykes I lost the will to live listening to that Russian prattle. Like most English people I can't speak any other languages so that kind of article is lost on me.

You can just scrooll a little further and look at the benchies but i suppose you are not so intersted anyway ... :D
Who are you referring to?

You were referring to Russian gibberish, so that made me think of the Stalker series. At the start of that game there's a guy who repeats "Get out of here, Stalker" over and over whenever you encounter him. Admittedly, it was probably a bit of a stretch for a reference. :lol:
As most newer games are in "beta" test after launch and DX12 is unstable i may actually find some gold in the past from games that are cheap to buy and already patched and fixed and don't have so much trouble with i3 either

I haven't played Far Cry 4.So looking at this benchmark is again kinda unfortunate that an i3 3220 3.3ghz beating FX8350 at 4.5ghz...


Also i am looking at Dishonored 1 as another game to play...