I need your suggestion, pls!

Dragon X

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I have been playing with my Xpert@Play (PCI) card almost 4yrs but I don't know whether it is right on time for me to change for my display card. I got the burget money around US$180 and I just wanno to play with my OLD 3D games like UT,Half-life with better quality output. Should I buy the Radeon64 DDR, RadeonLE(as I'm living in Asia and it is on great sales!) and wait for the R2 released. In fact, I'm not in urgent in this matter but sooner or later I will make replacement with this baby. Of course, it is also a good idea for me to continue using this stuff with coming RageLTman driver. ^^

lest i say more, you seem to like resurrecting 13 year old threads:hmm: