I need advice - my dream motherboard!


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These are the things i'm looking for in my dream motherboard:
-- Socket A - It must support the new T-Birds (as far as they'll go in gigahertz (1.5+)) and the upcoming Palaminos.
-- 6 (or more) PCI SLOTS
-- DDR RAM motherboard (at least 3 slots)up to 1.5 gigs in DDR
-- 1 ISA would be nice
-- 266 FSB support
-- Built in Raid Controller
-- Built in Ultra 100 Controller

Does something like this exist?
Please let me know what it is!
Why u need more than 6 PCI slots?

Sound card?
Ethernet card?
IEE 1394 card?
Capture card?
Voodoo 2!?

U dont really need a 6 PCI Slots m/b, do u?
Most of the m/b currently u can get do support Palamino, u just have to flash ur BIOS in order to support Palamino.