I missed my 20 year anniversary


New member
Hey all, can't believe this place still exists!
I found it again by accident... I looked at some of my old posts *cringe*

20 years and under 200 posts.. the lurking champ!
Ok carry on ;)
Wow, so few posts but still check in, amazing. Happy 20th! Also yea forum died after the upgrade, its depressing.
My first forum, nVNews, also died a number of years ago when the owner/admin ... died.

I joined in 2005 so my 20th anniversary would also have been up in 2 years.

But like I've said before, Forums are hard work. You actually have to think before, during and after posting. You have to formulate a good argument, you have too execute it well while keeping the grammar Nazis away and then you have to back up your claims and maybe deliver a counterargument. Young people don't want to do that anymore. That's why they choose different platforms.
OMG some of you have 20-30K posts.
I was dormant several years until I learned the powa of OTL.
Huh.....apparently I missed my 20th anniversary too. But you know, it's not like it's a big important thing.
I'm posting here just so I can see my post count and join date. >.>