I kept throwing parts together and it works!!!


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So oldest son wanted help for his system which was a ryzen 1600 with a gtx1060 suffering from random freezes, occasional no-posts, etc.

I've had a pile of parts that has been mocking me for motnhs and I swore I was snake-bit. However, after trying once more.....

got something going. 3900x on a strix b550 board with 2 8gb sticks of corsair lpx RAM, a 1tb nvme ssd and a evga 1660 super in a phantkes case.

What I learned in all this:

1. take time and go slow

2. my skills are not good enough to fix bent CPU pins

3. the RAM I thought was good apparently is not (I swore i checked it out)

4. you can't install windows using a wireless keyboard, idc what anyone else claims

5. the difference between a $50 case and a $100 or $200 case isn't when it's new and you build in it, it's when old and you take it apart and try to reassemble it and everything is warped and doesn't line up.

6. if a m.2 hold down screw has a rounded out head, and the only way to get the damn thing off the motherboard is to drill it out, you MUST use a drill press, because if your drill bit slips it goes through $100 bucks worth of ssd, not to mention losing the windows install and data you were going to move. :mad:

7. there really is a great sense of satisfaction when it all comes together, the fans whir when you press the power button, you notice how much prettier the uefi is than the old blue/yellow screen, you realize that spare win 10 key you've had for several years has finally come in handy, and you get to look at that clean uncluttered desktop :)
Rounded screw head? That's crazy. Never really thought that could happen with the low torque needed to fix parts.
Rounded screw head? That's crazy. Never really thought that could happen with the low torque needed to fix parts.

Yup, my old electricity teacher, when talking about light bulbs, would say, "you have to know when to stop screwing". :runaway:
In fairness to me, the screw didn't round out when I installed it....but it had seized and absolutely would NOT release and rounded out (I even used the right size screwdriver!) A 5/64 drill bit did the trick on the screw, but it walked and got the drive pcb :(

The wireless keyboard thing....what was weird was it worked in the BIOS?!?
I've had the same thing with wireless keyboards. I usually just change the USB port and it somehow just works.

As for the screw... Needle nose vice grips usually do the trick for me. Anything other than that I break out the Dremel and make my own flathead slot. :)
Ifixit also has some tools that can help with rounded screws.