Hyundai Concept Car: Vision 74


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Hyundai concept hyrdogen car...will probably never see the light of day, but I love the look:




What say you?
I’m getting serious Delorean vibes from that front end.

Looks ok, but doesn’t really rock me.
I thought its a cool retro look and this is what a modern take on a Delorean should be like.

I also had to look up what car from their lineup they were modernizing (Hyundai Pony)......but the production Hyundai Pony looks nothing like i had to dig deeper.

Apparently its a modern take of a Giorgetto Giugiaro designed Hyundai Pony coupe concept car, which itself looks like a high riding Delorean with tiny wheels.

Weirdly, I think l like the way it looks. It will probably never see the light of day but cool.
Very cool. Dead-end idea on the hyrdogen. But you could always change that.
Both are pretty nice for Hyundais, but I think that 74 has gotten the edge on looks for me. Hopefully they could release it looking like that cause I wouldnt mind seeing a few of those on the road.