html codes for graphics


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my kids are setting up websites on piczo and we are looking for links to premade html codes for graphics suitable for seven year olds

dalex said:
anyone recomend sites for html codes for fancy graphics

I'm not sure what you are really asking for...

HTML isn't really 7yo friendly... But you can use any picture you have on your machine and put it on a for HTML tutorials on will find about a bazillion tutorials on how to place an image and other things...
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that's what i thought...

<img src="url for image">

that's the basic code for an image

also a few pointers for your page:
-animated gifs for backgrounds are a no no. in fact try and steer clear of animated gifs as much as possible. one logo is all you should have
-you need some sort of layout. perhaps a navigation bar on the side, header on the top, and content in the rest of the space
-clipart = teh noes