How to reprogram TV, DVD, Media Library


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It finally occurred to me one way you could “reprogram” the protected keys for TV, DVD, and Media Library. TV and DVD execute \ATI Multimedia\main\ATIMMC.exe with /TV+ and /DVD arguments, respectively. A dummy program placed in the main folder called ATIMMC.exe could accept the command line arguments and do whatever you tell it to do for each case. So, if it gets the /DVD argument it runs your preferred DVD player and for /TV+ it runs some other TV app or any command you program. The Media Library (Book button) runs \MLibrary\MLibrary.exe, and a dummy program by that name can do the same but with no need for arguments. If you rename the original executables and correct any shortcuts, the programs will still be available. Of course the Launch Pad is messed up so those buttons will do whatever your remote buttons are now programmed to do. I’m not familiar with how to send messages to Girder from say, VB, but that would make for a more elegant and customizable solution that would easily distribute to others. As it is now, I just have DVD run Zoom Player, TV run DScaler, and ML run my EPG. Anyway, I hope this helps others.

Jon Harris