How to reduce lag in Diamond TV Wonder HD650 USB?


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I bought this TV Tuner for Christmas and was looking forward to recording some videos for my PS2 and PS3. However I suffer from a 1-2 second lag just from using the tuner alone (not recording). It is difficult to aim at enemies this way. :lol:

This is the TV Tuner I bought.

My computer is not the latest in the world and I am sure that is one big reason. However I would really appreciate it if anyone have some suggestions for me to reduce the lag. Thanks in advance. :)
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You can't reduce the lag, period. No new Digital TV Tuner for computers will work. You need an old Analog capture card with old style drivers for this to work like you want. Since Catalyst driver version 6.2 the lag has been present permanently with no way to work around it. Almost 4 years now.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you search this site, you'll see this isn't new information.

Good luck.
So the lag is due to the TV Tuner hardware and not my computer? That is bad news indeed. :(

If there is no work around I am not sure how useful this thing will be to me. Maybe I should just refund it. :cry:

Thanks anyways.
Yes, the lag is due to the way the hardware/driver/applications work now. The only fix is old Analog PCI Capture Cards and old Capture Programs.
You could try the Hauppauge HD PVR:

They are back ordered now so they are hard to find but they can capture up to 1080i from just about any component output. There should be no lag but I have not tried it on my PS3. I have two and they work quite well. I use them with Windows 7 Media Center with DVBLink for support in Media Center.

HD from premium channels without DRM.
Well the catalyst software was hopeless (I tried many things) but I used Dscaler and managed to play the games at a reasonable level. However after recording for 15 minutes or so the program will start lagging horribly. The lag only comes on record, not when just running. And the program will crash every time I close it. And sometimes I can't even end the process so I have to restart the whole computer. Given this is 3rd party software but I only use it because the original catalyst have that 1-2 second lag that I can't get rid of.

There is just too many problems with this tuner. I had spend a great deal of time this weekend to fix it, something that I shouldn't have to as a paying customer. I am not sure it is worth any more of my efforts. Refund it is. :cry:

ATI your tuner sucks fix it up!!!:mad:
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I came across an ATI Theater 650 PCIe card for ~$39.99 today at Newegg. Before that WOOT was selling a 650 PCI version for ~$19.99 and a 600 for the same ~$19.99 price. The price has just fallen right out the bottom of these things. At those prices I think they might be worth it but much beyond this,….no.

Anyway, this card might also do what you want in terms of capturing from a PC:

AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR MTVHDDVRR PCI-Express x1 Interface - Retail $89.99

I haven’t tried it myself personally but like the Hauppauge HD PVR I believe this is also capable of capturing up to 1080i which should match the PS3 quite well.