How to make the Remote Wonder II work with any version of the RW software


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Well, I just got my RW2 today. Nice, except you have to use the old RW2.0.0.0 from the AIW 9600 CD. That sux0rs. It doesn't work right with MMC 8.8 and 8.9.
I discovered the RW2 drivers are actually IN the RW package but the installer doesn't load them correctly. So the support is there, but the drivers are borked.

Good one, ATI.

So.... here's how to make ANY version of the RW software work with the RW2:

0) Make sure the RWII receiver is unplugged.

1) Install whatever version of the Remote Wonder software you want, such as

2) Navigate to C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl and copy ATIRW.DLL, ATIRW.EXE, and the .rsc file to the desktop.The name of the .rsc wil vary with your language.

3) Uninstall the RW software. Do NOT reboot.

4) Install the version on the AIW 9600 PRO CD. Again, do NOT reboot.

5) Copy the three files you put on the desktop back into C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl

6) Plug in the RWII receiver. Answer Yes to any Unsigned Driver warnings. Verify you have three ATI Remote wonder entries under USB in Device Manager, with no (!) marks.

7) Now you can reboot. :lol:

I've also figured out how to map a button to Alt-Enter to fullscreen WMP/Winamp vizualizations. It's kind of tricky when you can't type it into the box on the RW dialog.
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