How to make a lossless "mirror" copy of an original DVD movie to DVD-R?


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I bought a movie on DVD but my DVD player has some issues with reading it. It freezes and skips during the movie in random places (not the same place every time). The disc plays fine in my other players. I made a 1.4 GB avi file out of it and it played fine but the quality was not good enough. I bought some DVD-Rs and want to make a lossless mirror copy of the DVD (everything on the DVD, not just the movie). Any recommendations on how to do this using free programs? Note I only have one burner in my PC. Guess I'll have to rip the DVD to my HDD and then burn it to the DVD-R.
I doubt you'll be able to fit the entire disk without a lot of compression... most commercial dvds are burned on multi-layer disks (9.something GB whereas your disk is probably a 4.7 GB one.

You could try to make an ISO with IMGburn, or you can use the trial of DVDfab 10 (I bought the blu-ray package cause I was tired of fiddling with Disney blu-rays that I bought to put on my htpc).
Hopefully you bought DVD-R DL (double-layer). DVD+R DL should work too.

To defeat the DVD encryption, you're going to need a program like SmartRipper or DVD Decrypter. These programs are free (old, but free).

It's been forever since I worked on a DVD, but after you decrypt everything you need to rebuild the VOB files (and occasionally use the IFOedit software to edit the IFO files if anything needs tweaked).

Sorry that I'm not really any help, but you really should google a modern or at least semi-recent guide to DVD ripping. It isn't hard and should be completely free at this point.