How to make a forum.


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!. I need loggin code and a way to cross-reference that with the database of names abd Pwords.
@. How do you allow a user to create a thread without being a admin?
#. How do you make a forum?
Re: How to make a forum.

Nathan said:
#. How do you make a forum?

Hehehe. Very carefully. If you're using ASP, I don't really know how to give you specific examples. It's kind of hard to explain an entire forum though.

1) Login.. the way I do it is with server side cookies which store a user's id. When you log in, it creates a client cookie with a number corresponding to the server cookie. The server cookie basically determines the user's identity. To log in, the user provides a name and password which is matched to the user database. If the login is correct, the cookies are made. To logout, the server cookie is deleted.

2) Depends on if you're going to have permissions or not. To make a good permission system, several tables and a good amount of code are required. Basically, you just let the user post if their permissions match up.
Interesting question.

I know the answer since I did create my own forum. It is basically what Andrew said. Check out my site and the forums. It is written in PHP and has a MySQL backend.

Though phpBB and vB are good forum choices also.

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HAHA! I have played god! A forum I have made, a creature of the night a bane to plague the world. A
Nice forum! Your forum looks like it is modeled from vB while mine looks like it came from phpBB :). And we both have the same number of registered users :):)...