How to erase any ATI track...


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I had a working set up with RW1 and drivers 1.4.
After updating to 3.02 ('cause I got a RW2 too), the RW1 stops working after some time (haven't found the cause yet) so I want to start from scratch reinstalling 1.4 again but I'm afraid many traces have been left around my PC and, not being an usual Reg twicker, I don't know hot to reset everything about ATI drivers and X10 drivers and soft.

Any help appreciated.

Clean system via ATI

Clean system via ATI

:lol: Just went through this myself....Go to, use their search to search THEIR site, use search words "remove old software" ,include the quotes. Then try "install Remote Wonder", include quotes again. Then click on the Drivers and Software tab, you should have a bunch of options on the left side of page, navigate your way to your product or OS, also check out the old drivers available and read their release notes, you'll find useful info. there. It might take a little looking but you should find what you need if it's ATI related. Also search for "install new drivers" or software ! Good luck. Feel free to email me if you think you need to.