How to display to separate screens


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Hi all

I'm having problems trying to setup dual displays with my XFX Radeon R9 390x. I don't want my DVI display to be combined with my HDMI TV and don't want to configure eyefinity to have my second screen, which is an HDMI TV {screen 2} displaying graphics and/or video as a part of my current DVI 22" 1080p monitor display {screen 1}. Really would like it to show up as a separate screen, so I could play movies on my TV screen instead of my monitor, and have my taskbar & games on my first screen {DVI monitor}.

I had it setup like that before with my old card, which was a Geforce GTX770 4gb. I'm trying to set this up in Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
If I understand your need, you want to extend (no other choice really). So open the action centre, click on project and click on extend. Move your video player to second screen and game away on main screen.