how should I get started in programming


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I know absolutley nothing at all about programming other than the fact that it sounds like something i would enjoy. How should I get started, what programs should i try, any good sites to look at and read, any good downloads anything that could help me get started would be greatly appreciated.
well, i'd love to help..but a complete answer to what u asked would be like a book!

first..u need something to take the stuff u write and turn it into a program..that's called compiler.
next u need to decided using what language u want to program in.
(i suggest C) the compiler for C is Borland C (there are others, but i like this one.

next u need some kind of a guide...try searching for C tutorial in any search engine..but i recommend buying some kind of book, especially if ur'e getting started...
anything else? my ICQ is 93164179..feel free to ask anything :)

I started by learning TI-BASIC for my TI-86 calculator. It really helps me in my computer science class now. I can use vectors (one dimensional arrays if you like), and I know how to get things done much more easily. If you have a calculator I suggest reading your handbook and learning all of the little functions like if, while, repeat...etc... If you don't have a graphing calculator with these capabilities I'm sure you could find some good tutorials. Try