How many ads can an ad blocker block when an ad blocker can't block ads?


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Anyone else getting annoyed by how many sites detect your ad blocker and put up an "ad block blocker" image that you can't close, telling you to disable your ad blocker in order to view the site? Some are kind enough to provide a small "click here to continue to the site with your ad blocker on", but that's just for that session. Others won't let you see anything unless you disable it.

I've disabled adblock for a couple of sites and still get the popup.
Cool, the internet is a big place. I'm sure I can find what I want elsewhere.
News sites you can sometimes get around the ad blocker blocker by switching to reader mode.

But now that browsers are integrating ad blockers I don't find it as annoying. On Vivaldi, you can drop the ad blocker down to just block trackers only. So, at least you're blocking the worst stuff.