How do I stop Safari on iOS from doing this?


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When you open Safari on iOS, you see icons/shortcuts for your most frequently visited websites. Say is one of them. If I use that Rage3D shortcut but keep visiting the PC Gaming section most of the time, the Rage3D shortcut ( will eventually learn that and directly take me to the PC Gaming section when I tap on it. I want it to go to the main page regardless of whatever section I frequent most. Is there any way to stop Safari from doing this?
Hit Edit blow where it says Privacy report, and you’ll have a list of options you can enable / disable.

I have frequently visited, Siri suggestions and Reading list disabled so only my R3d bookmark shows.
Well I did the steps to remove a frequently visited website and it ended up clearing all my frequently visited websites. No big deal since they were all UPS or FedEX tracking pages. Basically open up a new tab, you'll see a Favorites heading and a Frequently visited heading. Just hold click on the one you want to remove and a pop up menu will give you an option to delete.
You can add R3D to your favorites. That way you won’t be relying on most visited history to choose things for you.