how do i... in dreamweaver?


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i have been designing web pages for a while now, but up till now i have been using frames. I want to get away from frames, but that brings up another problem. If i create hundreds of pages, and each one has a sidebar w/ links, what do i do when i want to add or change a link, do i have to go through EVER page and change all of them, or can dreamweaver do it for me. Thx for any help.
Ouch you should be using a template then if you have that many pages. In any case there are a couple of ways to do it. First you could go into Site and Change Link Sitewide...

This will change all the links to that file so that may not be what you want. Another way is to rename the target file which will basically break the links. So you can go and Check Links Sitewide and all the broken links will show up. This way you can selectively change what you want. It will ask you if you want to change the rest of the broken links. If you say yes it will do the same exact thing as the first option.

You are kind of fooked if you need to change a lot of them but not all of them. Hope this helps I don’t usually have to do things like that because I tend to plan ahead.
i have not made the site yet lol, i am planing right now. if there is another way to do it, now that u know i have not started yet, let me know.
use Server Side Includes (or something that does the same thing, ie: PHPs include() function). Basically, you make your page and put the menu in a seperate file:
<head><title>some page</title></head>
      <!-- SSI include -->
      <!--#include file="navmenu.txt" -->
      page content stuff
if you had your nav menu in between that first set of <td></td> tags you'd replace it with that code it put the nav into a file called navmenu.txt. The server would then include it each time the page is called. You only have the one file, but you can include it on as many pages as you want, changes to that one file would be global to any page that includes it. That's the easy way but there is a catch of course, the server you're hosting from needs to support SSI or PHP (or some other form of server side parsing, like ASP or CF). If it's your ISP server who gave you free webspace, then there's a good chance you don't have any form or server side parsing at all.

The other way you can do it, which does not rely on the server, is to use Javascript. Rather than me try to tell you how to do it, here is a link that should help you.