How did windows 10 inherit the motherboard logo?


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Hey guys.

Upon installing Win 10 on the new rig, to my surprise, the 4 glass window logo
when booting never showed up and was replaced by my motherboard's TUF logo.

I have never seen this and wonder how is this possible?

How did the motherboard transfer it's logo to windows?
I think you usually only see the Windows logo when booting in legacy mode. If you're booting UEFI, it launches straight into it from the motherboard's splash screen like what you're seeing (with the spinning dots below the motherboard logo). If you're booting UEFI in Windows mode instead of the default CSM you'll even see it at your monitor's default resolution.
My Asus Z170-A does this as well.

There is a poorly worded option in the UEFI setup that turns it off so you see the windows logo instead.