How did I miss this?!


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After all these years of a constant annoyance with Windows... No more!

This little app allows you to scroll inside of windows that are not active or in the foreground, works with legacy applications as well. This is great! The lack of this functionality has always bugged me, never again!

I'm trying to think of when I've ever needed that feature... never

Yeah. Me either. But I suppose some people have, otherwise the app wouldn't exist. Kinda funky, but glad the OP is happy with it.
If MS would fix focus to work as it should, we wouldn't need nifty little apps like this.
Being handle to scroll through multiple excel spread sheets, pdf's, word doc's, browser windows etc etc etc without having to click for focus... would save a couple of seconds all over the place. Especially over a multi-monitor setup.
For me, its been mostly useful for going through multiple file managers. It's also useful in IDE's. things like looking for class/method/member/variable names, going through debug logs or outlines without losing focus from the text editor, and losing cursor position.
Exactly. If I could scroll through a document on one window and edit information on another... it would be very convenient. The only way I can currently achieve similar results to that is using two computers(which I do at work by using my VivoTab RT tablet and an iMac at the same time)
In some OS'es (and some window managers for linux), the mouse position decided which application were given the mouse and keyboard events. This was VERY productive when working with several windows.

I had forgotten that windows could do the same, even if it was with the help of the 3rd party program.