How big should WinXP be?


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I've just started using a new p2p file sharing prog. (morpheus form musiccity) It seems pretty good, i found what seems to be winXP for download. I am very tempted to get it but the filesize seems a little small (what do i know). I was just wondering if anyone can confirm these filesizes for me.
windows XP = 50,249 KB
Windows XP Beta2 ISO = 55,538 KB

If i did D/L one of them, say the 2nd one, would i just burn it to a CD then install from there? Would i need a crack? Would anyone advise against NOT getting it?

These are probably all stupid questions (No flames please) but i hope someone will answer some of them.

Sweeny.. gimmie a buzz on icq (8226732) if you're lookin for winXP RC1. I can arrange for you to get access to a certain 'legit' ftp site ;) and yes .. the iso is around 502 megs. Don't bother getting it using p2p.

also.. once you get the ISO.. you can use a program like fireburner to burn it straight to CD.. that way you have a guaranteed exact image that'll be bootable and everything. And as for the crack, the way I did it involved a few steps, involving copying a file, and running 2 small batch files. .that's it. simple dimple baby
You know, MS's download partner (I think it's Conxion or something like that) had a little security problem and you can easily download the ISO directly from them!