Hercules remote wonder bulk...


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Anyone know if this is the same controller as Ati Remote Wonder?
I am planning to buy it (18€) from local hardware store.

Anyone know if it works with Ati Radeon 7500? Or does it need
Hercules display adapter?

Well, I think i am going to buy it anyways because i can take it back there if it doesn't work..:)..

Re: Hercules remote wonder bulk...

jkettu said:
Anyone know if this is the same controller as Ati Remote Wonder?

Have a look at it and if it looks like the Remote Wonder (a picture is on ATIs web site) then yes it will be! That price is very good, they're selling them in France for about €29 locally. Hercules is the distributor for European/PAL broadcast format All In Wonder products.
It is the same device, manufactured by ATi (or their partner)
It even have the ATi logo on it, bought it for 20 Euros in Sweden @ www.datorhandel.com
Problem is that my receiver is now broken and the Hercules Support have not phoned back for a week... They didn´t even know how to handle an RMA of this device, because "it is so new"
The device now gives me Bluescreens both in XP and W98, "Bad USB Device" it says...
This SUCKS, because of all the great plugins that are becoming available right now.

But you can feel safe to buy it, it is the same remote, and mucho mucho cheapo.

Ok, can someone please confirm that you get the external reciever with the hercules remote.

Someone told me that the remote only was for ATI/Hercules gfxcard-owners only
Hercules Remote wonder comes with reciever that is plugged to usb port. It works with my Radeon 7500. I think
it will work with other gfx boards..