Hercules FDX 8500LE - demos won't work

Ken Tucky

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I have a Hercules 3D Prophet FDX 8500LE card (what a long name that is :) ) and I get the following error message when I try to run the demos or screensavers that's on the retail cd:

;ATI sushi error log

[N:\1sushi\runtime\wind3d\awfn.cpp] (line 358): d3daw error:
Awinitwindow - unable to find an acceptable depth/stencil format.

This happens on all the demos and screensavers.

The first time I installed the demos, they all worked fine, but
suddenly they won't work anymore.
The only thing I've done is installed a new Viewsonic 19" monitor, and updated the card's drivers to version 7.66.

I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the demos, and reverted to an older driver for the card, but non of these things did help.
DirectX is also working fine, and I have no problems with games and other demos, only with the ones that came with the card.
It's very annoying, since these demos are great looking, and very good to show off the card.

If anyone has a clue what's causing this, please help me!
They never worked for me with that driver (6025) as well. Either go back to the 6015 (7.65) driver, or flash the card with the new Hercules Bios, and use the 6071 driver from ATi. If you don't mind the flashing, the last option is the best bet!
8-bit stencil is off. Forgot the reg key to turn it on. You can do a search for it.

or you install the latest drivers from ATI and it'll be fine then just have to add a line into the inf.

in ATIDrive dir find atiixpag.inf

and add this line

"3D Prophet FDX 8500 LE" = ati2mtag_R200, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_514c



If you have an older board you might have to flash the bios because the second output was screwing up installation.