Help? New AMD drivers kill windows startup.


Radeon 8500 64mb
Installed the new Radeon drivers (10.12) and now windows doesn't boot.

I can boot into safe-mode, uninstall the graphics driver, and then start windows properly. But then if I install the AMD drivers, the computer runs fine until I restart, and then it won't boot windows.

I've tried cleaning the AMD drivers and starting from scratch. Still the same results. Windows is telling me it hasn't bothered to keep any restore states.

By cleaning the drivers I assume you mean you used Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)? That would be my first suggestion.

I would also try using a different (previous) driver version and see if it does the same. Also make sure to load optimized defaults in BIOS.

I think I remember a recent Jayztwocents video where he was diagnosing a similar issue. Turned out that the card itself was damaged.

I think this is the video if you want to see:

Looks like windows starts up fine if I "disable driver signature enforcement." Definitely a driver issue somewhere.
I've cleaned my drivers with DDU. Problem still persists.

I tried another GPU, just to make sure it's not that. I popped in an old Radeon 280, and got the same problems.
Check Event Viewer. Likely that whatever is happening will show up there. If it's driver related, it may not actually be the Radeon drivers, it could something else conflicting with them.

Running SFC /scannow from cmd might be a good idea as well.
Running SFC /scannow from cmd might be a good idea as well.

Well geez, that seems to have fixed it! Thanks!

I'm going to install the newest AMD drivers again, and cross my fingers.

--edit: new drivers installed, working fine.
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Awesome, glad it worked out. That cmd is pretty damn handy when Windows gets a little messed up like that :)